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The simplest way to createfull page website screenshots.

Scrola is a simple web application that allows you to take full page screenshots of webpages. Screenshots can be exported as static images, or scrolling videos. No downloads or extensions required!

Capture full page website screenshots in your browser!

Simply enter the link of the website you would like to take a screenshot of. There's no software to download, and it's completely free to use.

  • Static Screenshots

    Capture a full length screenshot of your webpage in one continuous image file . Full page screenshots can be downloaded as a PNG file.

  • Scrolling Screenshots

    Want to give life to your case studies or portfolio? Showcase a scrolling screenshot instead of a static one. Screenshots can be downloaded as a MP4 file.

Introducing the Scrola API

Harness the power of Scrola from the command line, or your favorite application server. API access is free for casual users and only $10 / month for power users who may need unlimited full page screenshots, or scrolling screenshots.

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